Acknowledgements and Disclaimers

"The Fine Print"

Home Errors. I have made every reasonable effort to get the data correct. It was five years of trying to be meticulous on top of meticulous about people I've never met. But I may have a wrong date, location, or other bit of data listed in error- I hope not way off the mark. I do not mean to offend. ANY of my errors should be corrected, and I will do so. Please notify me at this email address: Always open for suggestions for improvement. I hope you found something useful here. I hope you ave something useful to share back with me.

I met and spoke with a few 53rd TCS members: James F. Shemas, Ralph B. Specht, Allan M. Wrang (a first-rate humorist), Sylvan H. Eisman, Edwin K. Tester, Chris M. Lauby, Dwain A. Lange, William M. King, and one gentleman who freely gave extensive first-person accounts- Gerald A. Parker. Even to age 95 Gerald recollected each day overseas almost as though it was yesterday. One 53rd pilot's son has been on a similar quest as me: Pilot Billy W. Elliott's son David- a very methodical investigator- has been a significant inspiration to me. Tom Martin, who was on a similar quest to find out his father Herschel from the 14th TCS, freely shared. Randall Lewis from the Carolinas has been a walkng encylopedia of information for me. Texas business entrepreneur Scott Glover- the owner of the still flying C-47 #42-32832, who has been so gracious to me [and my mother]in every way was also a significant inspiration to investigate into the past. the idea had to start somewhere- and Scott was the spark. My wife Sherri did not make a fuss during my 5-year abandonment of her while this data was being collected nights, weekends, and holidays-she is the best. Some evenings I would commence the search about the members of the 61st TCG right after supper at 7:00 pm- the next time I looked up at th clock it was 3:00 am the next day. Lastly, I owe a great deal of gratitude to my stepson Robert Roosa, who made this website a reality. I am of the analog generation- Robert is of the digital generation.

Note: The above mentioned Gerald A. Parker was the next-to-last pilot standing of the 53rd TCS-he passed away October 18, 2017. And then two days later the last pilot standing, Gurvis L. Cummins, passed away at age 98 in Montana. Now there are none.

Caveats and Explanations:

  1. The dates referenced herein are as close to correct as can be ascertained. It should be noted that many personal accounts written by Group and Squadron members have conflictinf dates for the same event, and given that point in history- was common. Some personal accounts were written several days or weeks after the original event, when the writer had the time to write, thus the dates were sometimes clouded by the passage of time. Some writers had simply lost track of the date, and failed to go back and correct. Getting everyone to synchronize their dates was far from the most important things on their agendas- staying alive and surviving until the next morning had much higher significance.
  2. The daily war diary entries- always in "quotation" marks, are taken from the original onion-skin paper that was held in box storage for 20+ years after the end of the war and in far less-than museum quality storage conditions, which was then transferred onto microfilm at 1:26 reduction, and the microfilm as then-many years later- uploaded onto CD-ROM. By enlarging images, there are very few pages of the diary- less than a dozen-that were illegible.
  3. Text in (parenthesis)is original clarification text by the squadron member writer.
  4. Text in [brackets] has been added by this compiler for further clarification.
  5. Text indicated in bold-names-indicates that man or woman was killed during their deployment overseas-this includes all killed in action and non-battle deaths.