Mid-America Flight Museum

The home of C-47 # 42-32832. And Hap Arnold's C-41. A B-25 Mitchell. A p-51 Mustang. An F4U Corsair. A UC-78 Bamboo Bomber. A pair of T-28's. An SNJ. A Ford Trimotor. The Grumman Duck and the Grumman Albatross. The list goes on, and I have lost track. All flying airworthy specimens. No static aircraft. Maintained by some of the nicest Texans one could meet- every one of the maintainers knows they have an extremely rare and historical aircraft in their hands. They take no shortcuts.

Many of us who had different careers, such as driving a desktop computer, or selling real estate, or working the assembly line, or arresting the wicked, installing rail-crossing safety equipment, selling agricultural equipment, or some other humdrum-type job, look over at the historic aircraft maintainers with envy.

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