wings and patch of the 61st

61st Troop Carrier Group
Daily War Diaries

The U.S. Army ordered all of its units to maintain a war diary. The diary was maintained by people who knew about what was happening and what was reported- which meant this task fell onto the shoulders of the officers in the Intelligence Section. The Intelligence Section of each flying squadron always knew a lot more than they could divulge. Some of the officers in the Intelligence Section did see the value and were gifted writers. As you read the different daily diaries, the differences in writing are stark.
I included every word of text (except for the daily flights logs)- I retained the misspellings. But when I saw the amount of misspellings, I decided to change and correct the misspellings, for the sake of accuracy. To all of us descendants of the Greatest Generation, this is all there is. It's not enough, but it's all we get. When originally re-typed by me, it was 650 pages of 11-point font text, thus the lengthy scroll bar on your next click.

Some diaries do not give the full names of the 61st TCG members- their full names (i.e. their given name-middle name- and family name). I wanted to put a name to the events and outcomes. I specifically added given names into the diary text- because they were our forefathers and so many of us know so little about those intense few years of their lives. Some of the personal biographies shown in this website of the 61st members were written by news media reporters. Even back in World War II, news media reporters had the bad habit of embellishing- or otherwise getting their stories and interviews wrong, as was the case in one reporter's story of 1st Lt. John L. Wood. Personal diaries, 1st person accounts of surviving 61st TCG members, and the official diary of the 14th, 15th, 53rd, and 59th squadrons correct the erroneous reporting. I have also included some commentary from the XII Troop Carrier Command, the IX Troop Carrier Command, the 52nd Troop Carrier Wing, and the 817th MAETS (the nurse-staffed evacuation Squadron.

If you do a search for a roster member's name in this diary-and no name appears- it is because that name was never (inserted/written about/discussed) by the Intelligence Officer who maintained the daily diary. Same principle applies to dates- some dates there were no entries.